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July, 1997

Webfetcher now has its own site! http://www.webfetcher.com

February, 1997

The current version is 1.0.2, available for :

A Short Version History

Many people have remarked that it would be nice to have WebFetcher restrict downloading to sites listed on the schedule, and not ancillary connected sites. There's a mechanism now for doing this: add the word 'localonly' to your schedule file (anywhere) on a line by itself, flush to the left margin.


  1 1/1/96 9:00 am http://www.hayoo.com/ 4 w 3 1 
  1 1/1/96 9:00 am http://www.microslap.com/ 1 h 10 1 
  1 1/1/96 9:00 am http://www.notv.com/ 1 w 3 1
The 'localonly' tag has two effects:
  1. Hosts not explicitly listed in your schedule are not visited.

  2. Links to these "non-local hosts" in fetched HTML pages don't get "relinked" as local (your hard disk) references. That is, if you click on a link to a "non-local" site, your browser will go back to the net to try to find the requested page.

Ideally, these two effects would be controlled independently, but I don't have time to add this just yet... Maybe next week... Maybe never... ;)

Note: The 'localonly' tag effects the entire schedule. There's no way to tag individual schedule lines.


Sites in your schedule can now contain dotted IP numbers (like instead of just "fully qualified domain names" (like www.ontv.com).

This version contains no new features from v. 0.9b0, but the expiration date has been removed. This version of WebFetcher does not expire.

A test beta version that expired on June 1, 1996.

Known Bugs

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