Groundhog Day Photo Album

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  1. Sign welcoming people to Gobbler's Knob.
  2. Record crowd of over 12,000 braves early morning temperature of -2.
  3. Some people didn't dress too warmly.
  4. Other people found unique vantage points to view the festivities.
  5. Groundhog Club President Bud Dunkel greets the crowd.
  6. Mr. Dunkel is joined by Official Handler Bill Deeley.
  7. Punxsutawney Phil shares his forecast with the Inner Circle members.
  8. The crowd anxiously anticipates the forecast.
  9. The proclamation is read by Dr. Rusty Johnson.
  10. The Groundhog Club Inner Circle members share the bad news.
  11. People stay around after the forecast to get a closer look at their favorite rodent.
  12. Many people stand in line to get their photo taken with Phil...
  13. ...Even though Phil can't stop biting his handler's gloves!
  14. Some people have unusual ways of celebrating the occasion!
  15. Others keep hanging around to enjoy the festive atmosphere.
Exclusive OnTV Photos by Alan Freed