OnTV's best solution for you is a ParticiPage®!
With the OnTV ParticiPage® you get:
Domain Name Registration for first two years (www.yourbizname.com)
OnTV Web Consultation Meeting (visit us to discuss web goals)
One year of Web Hosting (24 hours per day)
Customer Editable Text (up to 750 words)
One Logo Graphic (scanned free)
Up to 3 additional graphics (supplied by you, ready for the web)
Standard Submit E-mail form (visitors e-mail you from your site!)
Link from our clients directory (a central location of our current sites)
Addition to WebWheels (an online game to increase exposure)
OnTV link exchange (your banner appears on other OnTV hosted sites)
Submission to approximately 400 search engines (done quarterly)

        all for only $899

If your business is looking for a good way to get started on the web, or you're looking for a way to increase your advertising reach, an OnTV ParticiPage® is an inexpensive, effective solution.